Here you can find frequently asked questions about the test kits.

The tests that we offer originate from China.
Apart from custom orders, we also offer on the ground stock (OTG) from Europe. However, availability can change rapidly. You can find the updated status of stock on the OTG Europe page. Since the OTG stock situation can change rapidly, the table is also updated frequently. Interested in OTG options? Feel free to contact us.
The minimum order quantity is different for every brand. You can find the specific MOQ on the rapid antigen professional test page, and the rapid antigen self test page.
This website only offers test kits for orders of large quantities, since it is not directed towards individual consumers. On the rapid antigen professional test page, and the rapid antigen self test page you can find concrete information about the minimum order quantity per brand.
The lead time is different for every brand. If you want to know more about the lead time for a specific brand, you can visit the rapid antigen professional test page, and the rapid antigen self test page.
If you are interested in receiving more concrete information about the tests or have any questions about orders, feel free to contact us! We can discuss the possibilities with you. Specific documents are made available on request.
Currently we only offer antigen rapid (self) tests on our website. However, we have sources for antibody tests as well, and are planning to place updated information on the website soon. Already Interested in what is available at the moment or do you already have a concrete request? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.
MyCovidTest is directly in contact with the manufacturers, of which the test kits are offered on this website. We have signed a Letter of Authorization with the brands Lepu and New Gene.
Orange Swallow is a business consultancy agency based in Leiden, the Netherlands. With it’s vast knowledge of European business culture, the company supports parties through their process of internationalization, by offering guidance and support in business strategy, business concepts and project realization. Orange Swallow has a focus on connecting Chinese and European companies and organizations.
When the Covid-19 virus first emerged in 2020, Orange Swallow started supporting their Chinese network in the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Medical Devices (MD), such as face masks, gloves and surgical gowns. Since then, the company has been active in sourcing projects, connecting international parties, and offering support in the fight against the virus. To specifically contribute to the sufficient supply of antigen rapid (self) tests and antibody tests, Orange Swallow set up the company MyCovidTest.